Our Annual Musical Revue

Community Service

Unique to Macon

Backstage Pass

This Year’s show is Called Backstage Pass. You are in for a treat! From our incredibly talented cast of musicians, dancers and techincians – We will show all the people behind the scenes and what really happens behing those curtains!

The Miracle on Mulberry

For 60 years now, Local businessmen and their wives produce a week-long musical revue that plays to thousands. Performed on-stage at The Grand Opera House every year on Mulberry Street in downtown Macon! Music, dancing, jokes, news and much more, all choreographed and fine-tuned for your pleasure.

For Local Charity

The mission of the Macon Civic Club is simple:  to provide charity work within our local community. This is accomplished in part by donating the proceeds of our Annual Musical Revue. Our aim is to provide a meaningful, entertaining show each year featuring local business leaders, that is fun for the audience, fun for the members and raises as much money as possible for local charities.

Our Annual Revue

Year after year, hundreds of Macon Civic Club members and wives cast themselves in roles, sell tickets and program ads, and dedicate long hours of planning, rehearsal, and set building to produce an event designed to entertain the thousands of patrons who support the show and its beneficiaries.

Local amateur talent combined with professional direction ensures the authentic, imperfect qualities that define every Macon Civic Club Musical Revue. Punch lines fall flat, dancers trip up, singers forget lyrics, and skits are unapologetically politically incorrect. Yet, amazing local talent shines in the spotlight of every show – a reminder of Macon’s assets and unlimited cultural potential.

Tickets on Sale Now On-Line

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Wednesday Night is Family night

Featuring great fun to watch your favorite performers

Friday Night is our Gala Night

Includes Grand Buffet, bottomless drinks and a tent on Mulberry.
Dress up, because this is the night to mingle and be seen!

Saturday Night is your Last Chance

to catch our Musical Revue and there’s no telling what might happen!



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1961 – “MCC 1961”
1962 – “Well Flip My Wig”
1963 – “Bits From Hits”
1964 – “Macon Whoopee”
1965 – “Once Upon a Circus”
1966 – “Georgia Jubilee”
1967 – “What’s the Score”
1968 – “Guys and Molls”
1969 – “Hey, USA”
1970 – “The Grand Topper”
1971 – “The Inn Crowd”
1972 – “Let It All Hang Out”
1973 – “Mercer’s Bear Classic”
1974 – “Make Mine Macon ”
1975 – “Macon’s Marvelous”
1976 – “Long May It Wave”
1977 – “Follies of 1977”
1978 – “Showtime ‘78”
1979 – “Headlines in Review”
1980 – “Headlines in Review”
1981 – “Showboat”
1982 – “Makin’ Music”
1983 – “Steppin’ Out”
1984 – “A Grand Affair”
1985 – “Simply Grand”
1986 – “Grand Old Town”
1987 – “Reminiscing”
1988 – “House Party”
1989 – “My Old Flame Is Back”
1990 – “Homecoming!”
1991 – “Bon Voyage!”
1992 – “Tickled Pink”


1993 – “Goin ”Hollywood”
1994 – “Grand Times”
1995 – “Tune Us In”
1996 – “Dreams of Gold”
1997 – “Back to the Grand”
1998 – “Southern Exposure”
1999 – “Making Tracks”
2000 – “Puttin’ on the Hitz”
2001 – “Ain’t Love Grand”
2002 – “Broadway Bound”
2003 – “Viva Las Vegas”
2004 – “Bring It On Home”
2005 – “Dancing in the Streets”
2006 – “Trip Around the Sun”
2007 – “Lipstick on Your Collar”
2008 – “Black Tie and Tails”
2009 – “Opry at the Grand”
2010 – “After Midnight”
2011 – “Solid Gold”
2012 – “Living the Dream”
2013 – “Rollin on the River”
2014 – “Soulshine”
2015 – “Heartbreak Hotel”
2016 – “Macon Music”
2017 – “Downtown”
2018 – “Shake It Up”
2019 – “Turn on your Lovelight”
2020 – “Light My Fire”
2021 – “No Show”
2022 – “Walking on Sunshine”
2023 – “It’s Your Thing”
2024 – “Backstage Pass”

Get Ready...

We just produced this rediculously good video so everyone will get FIRED-UP about this years show – BACKSTAGE PASS! 

This sampling is from the last 10-20 years of photos and video clips and makes us ready to climb back on that stage at the Grand. 

ARE YOU READY!?  It’s an experience truly unique to Macon —Now click the play button and Turn it up LOUD!